At SpringServe, we are committed to building a suite of ad serving tools to improve the digital video ecosystem

Since 2015, our platform has helped companies take control of
their video advertising and build their businesses.

Our Core Beliefs


We’re against walled gardens. Our platform is built with the philosophy of interoperability with other systems and tools.

Our APIs are robust — enabling partners to build their own systems or work with others.


It’s a risky proposition to build your advertising business on a platform owned by a competitor or would-be competitor.

SpringServe is fiercely-independent and we’ll never compete with our clients.


We believe in working closely with our partners — organization-wide and top-down. From our c-suite to our engineers, we’re committed to providing fanatical support to help them build their business.

Requests and feedback are taken seriously because we’re building our platform for our customers.

Our Team

Dave Buonasera

Chief Technical Officer

Josh Cohen

General Manager

Matt Dearborn

Chief Product Officer

Joseph Hirsch

Chief Executive Officer

Rich Lin

Chief Financial Officer

Amy Macdonald

Sr. HR Manager

Hagan Major


Grant Notvedt 

Sr. Director, Operations

Jason Pedrick

SVP, Publishing

Danielle Rosen

VP, Sales Operations

Mike Wanetik

VP, Solutions Engineering

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