Announcing New SpringServe Optimization Features

The SpringServe platform has made it easier to monetize your inventory through tags and Direct Connect. In addition to the ease of use, this set-up has a few additional benefits:

  1. Improved Latency: With significantly fewer ad calls made from the browser because of server side decisioning, your site will run faster
  2. Server Side Optimization: Since DC relationships and managed tags are explored server side in real-time, Improve optimization without having to make any changes

All of the tags in your waterfall have data associated with them that can be used server-side to greatly improve fill rate, aggregate impressions, margin, speed…or whatever it is you care about!

By tapping deeper into this rich dataset, SpringServe has been able to improve the platform’s performance by more than 20%, which means more money in your pocket.

To prove the impact of our changes we did a little test. We had our new optimization algorithm fully deployed, we turned it “off” and ran our old optimization logic. In minutes, we saw exactly how much the new features had increased performance across the entire platform. When we flipped the new optimization back on, impressions immediately rebounded.

SpringServe is constantly testing and improving our optimization algorithm to give our clients the greatest performance with their managed and direct connect tags. We’re excited for you to start seeing the results for yourself!

Written By David Buonasera, Chief Technology Officer.

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