April Showers with SpringServe

In our latest release, we discuss improvements to Demand Tag features, quickstats on the DirectConnect page, Key-Value management in the API, and Invoice PDFs.

Feature Additions

Postal Code targeting is now available on your demand tags for the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. Set Postal Code targeting in the Geo Targeting section of your Demand Tag targeting tab.


Log Level Data Support

We have added support for log level data. Log level data includes information such as IP, user agent, and domain on the impression, opportunity, and request level. Please talk to your account manager if you are interested in a log level data package.

Core Improvements

Direct MP4 Demand Tags

SpringServe gives you the option to upload VPAID, VAST Only, and Direct MP4 demand. The demand type is specified in the settings tab of a demand tag. Previously, if you were using a video as MP4 demand, SpringServe would store the file for you. We have added the option of using a URL for MP4 demand. If you do not need us to store the file,  you can enter the URL of the video. Toggle the MP4 Video field to URL and a text box will appear. Here, you can enter the URL of the video and hit process.

Security Improvements

Users get locked out of their account after 7 failed login attempts.

API Improvements

Key-Value management is now supported in the API and the Python SDK. Creation and Editing of Keys and Values, Supply Tag Key declaration, and Demand Tag custom key-value targeting can be done using the API. See our documentation for more details.

UI Improvements

Quickstats on DirectConnect

The Direct Connect page now shows quickstats for your DirectConnect traffic.

This addition allows you to see at a glance how your DirectConnect activity is performing today. Change the time period using the calendar drop down menu; you have the options today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 15 minutes, last hour, last 24 hours. Total Impressions, DC Bought Imps and Cost and DC Sold Imps and Rev are shown in the lite view. The full view shows the following metrics:

  • Total Imps
  • DC Bought
    • Requests
    • Impressions
    • Request Fill
    • Cost
  • DC Sold
    • Requests
    • Impressions
    • Request Fill
    • Revenue

DC Bought metrics refer to your Connected Supply and DC Sold metrics refer to your Connected Demand.

Invoice PDFs

If you have a Billing account, you can view your invoices and statements in the UI. You can now download your invoices as PDFs by clicking the icon in the right hand side of the table.


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