Catching Waves with SpringServe

In our latest release, we discuss custom tag health, expanded demand targeting, Roku macros in the tag export, budget bars, and multiple account managers.

Feature Additions

Custom Tag Health

Traffic entering your SpringServe account is flagged for Tag Health. SpringServe defines poor Tag Health as high SIVT. You now have the ability to select custom settings for Tag Health. On the Basic Settings tab, select Custom under Tag Health to reveal metric groups. Here, you can define Tag Health for your account. In the example below, tags will be flagged if the request fill is below 0.05% or if both WhiteOps blocked rate exceeds 50% and WhiteOps IVT Rate exceeds 10%.

Demand Targeting Additions

On your demand tags, you can now set realtime viewability targeting. When this targeting is enabled, a request will only be passed to the demand tag if our VPAID detected that the player was viewable at the time of opportunity. Note that the VPAID must initialize in order to detect viewability, so this targeting attribute is not applicable to VAST only tags.

Additionally, you can now include click thru rate in your KPI targeting on campaigns.

Header Bidding

We continue to expand our Header Bidding support with the addition of two platforms:

  • Beachfront
  • Pubmatic

UI/UX Improvements

Export Tag

The endpoint url in the Export Tag tab of a managed tag is now always shown as secure. This change eliminates the need for you to change the protocol before sending tags to your partners.

We have also added Roku as an option to the Tag Type dropdown. If you are exporting tags for implementation in Roku, you will no longer need to replace macros manually.

Open RTB

Your Open RTB demand is now denoted by the Programmatic Connect badge: 

Demand partners that were previously denoted by RTB now are denoted by PC. Filter by demand class Open RTB to see all your PC demand.

Budget Bars

Budget Bars are now shown in the index tables in the full view. You no longer will need to navigate into the object to see how much of the budget has been spent. Note that the budget bar will not update with changes to the selected time period.

Reporting Improvements

Multiple Account Managers

Your team may be split into business development and day-to-day optimization. Now you have the ability to associate multiple account managers to supply and demand partners. With this update, both members of your team can filter for their partners in reporting. When you filter for an account manager, all associated partners will appear in reporting.

Update the account manager(s) for a partner on the settings tab.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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