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Protected Media & Bid Density

Protected Media partnership, Bid Density graphs, dashboard improvements, and more. Core Improvements Protected Media Partnership Take advantage of Protected Media pre-bid blocking and and post-imp detection to protect your inventory from invalid traffic. Protected Media’s capabilities encompass all environments, with unique expertise in In-app traffic. Read the full press release and article in Adweek. Open Market[…]

New Dashboards & OM Updates

Supply and Demand Dashboards, Open Market updates, and more. Feature Additions Supply and Demand Dashboards On the Account Activity page, you can now see an overview of supply or demand activity in your SpringServe account. Supply Dashboard Selecting Supply from the pillbox at the top of the page will show important statistics in the tiles[…]

Snowed in with SpringServe

VMAP updates, Horizontal scroll bar, demand tag validation, Cedato player policy announcement, Open Market transition, and ads.txt. Feature Additions VMAP SpringServe now supports Video Multiple Ad Playlists (VMAP). VMAP allows you to insert and manage ad breaks within content that you do not have any control over. If your account is enabled to create Ad[…]

Feeling Frosty with SpringServe

PC Open Market, targeting updates, protected media, analytics users, improved management of new DC demand and connection requests, and additions to scheduled reports. Core Improvements New Open Market If you are taking advantage of Programmatic Connect (PC) on SpringServe, you have been able to access both open market and deal demand through our integrated bidders.[…]

Scaring Up Improvements in SpringServe

Let’s talk SpringServeU, new demand through Programmatic Connect, exclusionary and conditional reporting, targeting updates, and UX improvements. Alerts New Login Page SpringServe has a redesigned login page! Now when you go to log in to SpringServe, you’ll see helpful links to the SpringServe website, Documentation, and Contact form, as well as latest news from SpringServe[…]

Raking it in with SpringServe

In our latest release, we discuss the addition of Forensiq as a verification vendor in SpringServe. We also discuss additions to targeting options, including boolean user segment targeting. We have also updated key-value reporting to make it easier to filter specific values for a given key. Core Improvements Forensiq We have added integration with Forensiq[…]

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Get the Bugs Out with SpringServe

In our latest release, we discuss exciting additions on SpringServe, including the Realtime Debugger and Reporting Templates. We also discuss targeting and reporting additions and various UI/UX improvements. Feature Additions Realtime Debugger We are proud to announce the release of our Realtime (RT) Debugger in the SpringServe UI. The RT Debugger is a valuable tool[…]

Catching Waves with SpringServe

In our latest release, we discuss custom tag health, expanded demand targeting, Roku macros in the tag export, budget bars, and multiple account managers. Feature Additions Custom Tag Health Traffic entering your SpringServe account is flagged for Tag Health. SpringServe defines poor Tag Health as high SIVT. You now have the ability to select custom[…]

Summer Time with SpringServe

Core Improvements Custom Time Zones Users have long been able to see performance graphs and quickstats tables throughout the SpringServe UI. Until now, these graphs and stats were always shown in US Eastern time. We have released custom time zones for accounts and individual users. To change the account time zone, go to Settings –>[…]