Introducing BroadFall™ – An Elegant Answer to Video Header Bidding

SpringServe is proud to introduce BroadFall, a powerful new approach to video yield management for publishers, as well as a streamlined, no-coding-required approach to video header bidding. BroadFall will provide our sell side clients with the ability to call all premier demand partners simultaneously, including video header bidding and server-to-server integrated buyers via RTB, alongside direct sold campaigns. Buyers will have to compete for first look inventory in real time, while BroadFall takes all video metrics into account to maximize yield and user experience simultaneously.

Publishers can integrate video header bidding demand via BroadFall, including platform partners such as Telaria, Appnexus, SpotX, FreeWheel, with more on the way. SpringServe clients will not need to do any coding to make this work, which will be a relief to publishers that have experience with display header bidding. BroadFall clients simply input their partner IDs into SpringServe and dynamically ingest bids into our ad server at the player level. Client contracts stay unchanged with the vendor and no code changes required, making it the most advanced and elegant solution in market.

An Answer To Video Header Bidding Problems

Yield optimization is exponentially more complex in video than in display. There are more dimensions to solve for, including speed and fill rates, which plays into both user experience as well as holistic yield maximization. This has been a big reason video header bidding success has been stunted by legacy ad servers, which often treat video yield management the same as display.

Publishers also need to consider whether their ad server utilizes a broadcast ad call, where all demand partners are called simultaneously, or a waterfall model, where the system calls one eligible partner at a time until a winner is found. Ideally, this occurs with lots of logic and optimization determining that sequence.

That is why BroadFall offers a hybrid approach to deliver the best of both worlds. Sellers can set a specific tranche of demand as a broadcast call, and include video header bidding, RTB, and direct sold campaigns to compete with each other in real time.  If that opportunity is still available, then the call can progress to the next tier, increasing overall fill rates while preserving the user experience and keeping buyers happy, with dramatic improvements to yield.  

We can’t wait to work with you to improve your video header bidding performance and ultimately, to help increase revenue from your most valuable inventory.

By Josh Cohen, General Manager

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