Quality Targeting and More

In our latest release, we discuss controls over buying flagged supply, weekly reporting, and domain list UI updates.

Feature Additions

Quality Targeting

In the past, we have disallowed supply that has been flagged for poor tag health from being sold into the DirectConnect ecosystem. If a supply tag was flagged, then it would not sell to any connected demand in its waterfall.

We have updated this system and put more control in your hands. You now have the ability to set your preferences on the demand partner level for buying flagged supply. On the settings tab of a demand partner, you will see the Buy Flagged Supply option.

Selecting Enabled will allow demand for this partner to buy flagged supply. Selecting Disabled will prevent demand for this partner from buying flagged supply. This option is available for both your managed and DirectConnect partners. This feature gives you granular control over who is buying flagged supply and a method of targeting based on quality.

Reporting Improvements

Weekly Reporting

We have added the ability to run reports by week. When you select the weekly interval in reporting, a dropdown menu will appear, allowing you to select the day that your week starts on.

Weekly reporting is available for both regular SpringServe reports and Traffic Quality reports.

API Throttling in the SDK

Everything that you can do in the UI can be done using the API, and we have a python SDK that makes things even more convenient. For more information, please see our wiki.

When running queries using the python SDK, we now detect high request volume. If you are running a large number of queries and are approaching your API limit, the SDK will delay requests and then automatically retry them. This new feature will result in fewer errors when using the SDK, as it automatically handles API throttling.

UI Improvements

Domain Lists

Domain lists can be applied to your supply and demand in two ways: in the Domain Targeting field of the targeting tab, or on the supply and demand tabs of a domain list. If you want to apply a domain list to multiple objects at once, you will use the latter method.

These tabs have been redesigned to load faster. Only those tags that are using a domain list will appear in the table. To add a domain list to your supply tag(s), click the +Supply button and a modal will appear. You can select a tag in two ways: clicking the box in the first column, and selecting Black List or White List in the last column.

Click Add Supply and the newly targeted tags will appear in the table. If you have not selected whether the domain list is a black or white list, be sure to do that before saving. The same process is used for targeting domains on Demand Tags.

Changelog Additions

Changes to third-party impression pixels on demand objects will now appear in changelogs.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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