Score, Third Party Fees, and Beyond….

Springserve Updates:

Demand Group:
Demand Group is a new label for Demand Tags! It is analogous to Supply Group for Supply Tags. Demand Group is available as a dimension in reporting. Demand Groups can be made in ‘Settings > Groups’.

Demand Code:
A new field on Demand Tags for external or custom codes (e.g. Spotx Channel ID).  Demand Code is available as a dimension in reporting. This allows for reporting data on SpringServe demand tags to be linked with reporting data in third party systems.

Third Party Fees:
 Fees incurred in third party systems (e.g. Spotx I&A fees) can be set on the Demand Partner. Also, a user must label when this fee is charged — on ‘Request’, ‘Impressions’, or ‘Requests – Impressions’. Third party fees are currently used to calculate net profit in our Score calculation. They will show up as a separate reporting column soon.Third Party Fee


Score: Score is a brand new metric for optimization purposes! Score is the net profit per 1M ad requests for a demand tag. Net profit is calculated as Revenue – Cost – Third Party Fees.  This metric is available in ‘Supply Tag’/’Demand Tag’ association pages, so you can use Score to prioritize waterfalls. It is also available in reporting with the ‘Demand Tag’ dimension.

Score II


Duplicate button for Supply and Demand Tags:  
On the Supply Tag and Demand Tag there is now a duplicate button on the top right corner. Now users can use universal search to navigate to an object and duplicate it.


Bug fixes:

Client users have permissions to download reports. Earlier this week client users were not able to save and download large reports in the ‘Reporting’ > ‘Download Reports’ due to permissions issues. This is fixed. Clients now have permissions to download reports.

Better sorting in reporting. Reports will now sort by date, and then usable requests in descending order to show highest volume tags first.



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