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VMAP updates, Horizontal scroll bar, demand tag validation, Cedato player policy announcement, Open Market transition, and ads.txt.

Feature Additions


SpringServe now supports Video Multiple Ad Playlists (VMAP). VMAP allows you to insert and manage ad breaks within content that you do not have any control over. If your account is enabled to create Ad Pods, then it automatically has VMAP capabilities. In the supply section of the platform, you will see a tab named ‘Pod Schedules’ where you could build a schedule and generate a VMAP tag.

SpringServe’s implementation of VMAP features:

  • The ability to generate VMAP tags in a straightforward and user friendly way
  • Ad breaks served by Ad Pod tags.
  • Could use exact time within the content (hh:mm:ss) or percentage of content
  • The duration of each ad break is easily customizable via the ad pod settings
  • The maximum number of ads and their duration is also customizable via the ad pod settings
  • All SpringServe macros are supported in VMAP
  • VMAP ad breaks tap into all of SpringServes demand including Direct Connect and Programmatic Connect

For more information on how to use SpringServes VMAP feature please visit:

UI/UX Improvements

Horizontal Scroll Bar

We have added a horizontal scroll bar at the top of all tables in the UI. This update will make it easier for you to navigate horizontally without needing to scroll down to the bottom of the table. This scroll bar is sticky, so it will remain on the page independent of your relative position in the table.

Demand Updates

Demand Tag Validation

We have added a demand tag validator on SpringServe managed demand tags. The validator allows you to check if the tag is returning a valid VAST response. Leaving the toggle on As Is will call the url that is entered in the Endpoint URL field for the demand tag. If you know that there is targeting on the demand side, you may want to toggle to Replace Macros. When Replace Macros is selected, the endpoint url appears in the validation tool and you can hard code in various macros. For example, if you know that the demand will only serve on small player inventory, replace the height and width macros with small dimensions such as 200 by 300.

Click Validate to see the response, which will be Valid Vast, Empty Vast, or VAST Error 400.

Valid Vast response in Tag Validation with as is selected

Pillbox Filter

The pillbox filter on demand tabs now includes the options to filter by Header Bidder (code icon) and Creative Asset demand (play icon), speeding up the navigation process in the UI.

pillbox with all, tag con, bolt icon, code icon, and play icon

Creative Asset Demand

When using your own video demand in SpringServe, select Creative Asset in the Demand Class field. You now have three MP4 Video options when using creative asset demand:

  1. File: upload a file from your local machine by clicking the upload icon and selecting the file
  2. URL: enter the url for a hosted video and click the Process button
  3. Existing: select an existing video to associate to the demand tag by clicking the Select Video button.

Targeting Lists

Columns displaying the number of targeting supply and demand tags are now shown on all targeting list tables. Clicking on the button in the supply column will redirect you to the supply tab of the targeting list; likewise clicking on the button in the demand column. From here, you can easily bulk add or remove the list from your inventory. This display can also be used in housekeeping; deactivate or delete lists that are not associated to any supply or demand.


Cedato Player Policy

Effective immediately SpringServe will no longer support the Cedato player.

Our ultimate goal at SpringServe is to provide the best possible user experience for viewers of video and brands with the best possible execution for their video creatives. It has become clear after analyzing numerous complaints from both of these perspectives, that the Cedato player is not compatible with the SpringServe vision.

If you are using SpringServe to manage any supply tags involving the Cedato player, please be aware that these will no longer be supported; either remove or replace these placements effective immediately.

It is unusual that SpringServe needs to ban another technology vendor, as we strive to maintain the most open marketplace in the video ecosystem. It is not a decision we take lightly.

If you have any questions or concerns with how this may affect any of your campaigns, please contact your account manager.

Open Market Sunset and Migration

As mentioned in the last release notes, we are sunsetting the old method of open market through PC. By the end of January, all open market activity should be migrated to the new format in order to take advantage of the simplified workflow, unified auction, and improved reporting metrics.

We have also added account defaults for your open market activity. Enable new supply for open market demand by default by selecting Enabled in the PC – Open Market Demand pillbox in the Supply Defaults section of the Default Settings tab on the Basic Settings page.

supply defaults with PC - Open Market Demand set to Enabled

Existing supply can be bulk updated to enable open market demand by selecting Update Open Market Demand from the Bulk Actions menu on a Supply page. A modal will appear where you can select the external bidders that will be included and if new bidders should be automatically added.

Update Open Market Demand with auto add bidders enabled. Display multiple external bidders

Read more about open market via PC on our wiki.


If you are connected to bidders via Programmatic Connect, update the ads.txt files for you and your partners to include the following lines:

  •, [YOUR ACCOUNT ID], DIRECT, a24eb641fc82e93d
  •, 4969, RESELLER, e2541279e8e2ca4d
  •, 26282, RESELLER
  •, 157310, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace
  •, 2968119028, RESELLER, a670c89d4a324e47
  •, 239904, RESELLER, 7842df1d2fe2db34
  •, 239904, RESELLER, 7842df1d2fe2db34
  •, 561910, RESELLER, 89ff185a4c4e857c
  •, 540454059, RESELLER, 6a698e2ec38604c6
  •, 185, RESELLER

Make sure to replace [YOUR ACCOUNT ID] with the number in the lower right hand corner of the screen. For example, CrushTownUSA’s Account ID is 17.

Your account manager will be able to connect these partners and ensure your domains are whitelisted. For any and all questions and requests, please reach out to


Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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