SpringServe​ ​Announces​ ​WhiteOps,​ ​Integral​ ​Ad​ ​Science​ ​and​ ​Moat​ ​Pre-Bid​ ​Data

SpringServe Video Ad Server Delivers Control and Insights to Buyers and Sellers Before a Bid Happens with Integrated Verification Signals

(NEW​ ​YORK,​ ​NY),​ ​September​ ​6,​ ​2017​ ​-​ ​SpringServe, the video ad serving technology company announced today that the company has integrated with WhiteOps, Integral Ad Science and Moat, to provide transparent, integrated reporting including pre-bid quality verification signals designed to work flexibly for both the buyer and the seller. The pre-bid verification capability is an industry leading advancement in the fight against ad fraud. Leading advertisers are making the case for more transparency and control in order to improve quality and reduce waste. With SpringServe’s pre-bid verification signal offering, buyers have the tools they need to make real changes before their budget is spent and before their messages are shown. Sellers save money and increase efficiency by decreasing latency and make goods on their own sites.

“SpringServe has been a huge supporter of quality and transparency in advertising, and we’re thrilled that White Ops Human Verification will be powering the non-human traffic component of their new pre-bid ad quality offering,” said Michael Tiffany, Co-Founder of WhiteOps.

Recently, Google issued refunds to advertisers after inadvertently purchasing fake ad inventory on their behalf. The “black-box”, non-transparent configuration of Google and similar technology companies with only post-bid verification makes it difficult for advertisers to stop fraud before they spend their money, and wasteful for publishers who are victims of incorrect data. SpringServe’s open, integrated offering provides a clear alternative.

Media buyers want the control to buy media based on quality metrics such as viewability, fraud detection and non-human traffic detection. Sellers want to ensure that they maximize the value of every ad served on their property, but third party quality verification data often comes late and in separate reporting systems.

SpringServe triggers a server-to-server connection, ensuring lightning fast data transfer between the buyer, seller and verification partner’s systems before a bid. This speed and accuracy allows the quality data to be available during the programmatic bid process, empowering buyers to actively optimize campaigns based on quality metrics. The integration also decreases latency and missed delivery for publishers. In addition, clients benefit from centralized reporting, allowing multiple metrics providers to be compared easily and for delivery instructions to be changed all in the same system.

“Spring Serve’s advanced video ad serving and analytics has enabled Lo70s to drive revenue to premium publishers, while third party integrations from WhiteOps, IAS & MOAT have helped double private marketplace spend over the last 8 months,” said Scott Stevenson, Chief Revenue Officer at Lo70s.

About SpringServe

SpringServe is a technology company that offers a full stack of media buying, customization, and optimization solutions to make ad serving smarter. Clients benefit from SpringServe’s best-in-class technology, including exceptional control, unobstructed transparency, and comprehensive analytics to realize increased ad performance and greater revenue. Headquartered in New York City, SpringServe helps clients around the world effortlessly navigate the digital advertising ecosystem. Find out what the next generation of ad-serving looks like. Visit www.SpringServe.com

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