Flash VPAID Official Release and Much More

Core Improvements:

Flash VPAID: Our Flash VPAID has been released! Now clients can create waterfalls of flash demand in SpringServe. These waterfalls can be set up on a Supply tag in the “Demand” Tab. Flash VPAID must be set to “Enabled” on this page.  Demand tags in the waterfall must be ordered by priority.

Reporting Improvements:

Player Size Reporting: The dimension Player Size is available in reporting. It is available with all other dimensions including domain.

Reporting API:  SpringServe reporting data is now accessible programmatically through the API. All the reporting functionality in the UI exists in the API. Documentation for the reporting API is here. https://springserve.atlassian.net/wiki/display/SSD/API+Endpoints

Full/Lite Report Views: On the reporting page of the UI, a user can toggle between Lite/Full reporting views. Lite shows the most important metrics for determining performance. Toggling to full displays more detailed fields.

PST Time zone: Reporting is now available for the PST time zone.

UI Improvements:

Improved Tag Association Pages: When associating tags on a demand tag or supply tag, there is now a modal that allows searching and multi-selecting fro tag association. On a Supply Tag under the “Demand” Tab, a user can elect the order that demand tags are called in the waterfall. This is done either by editing the “priority” field or dragging and dropping the tag. The table displaying the waterfall is sortable by all fields. On a Demand Tag under the “Supply” Tab, a user will find a similar screen. Associations here automatically set the demand tag as priority 1 in the supply tag’s waterfall. A user must navigate to the supply tag to change the demand tag’s priority.

Multi check boxes for all tag association pages: On Supply Tags, Demand Tags, Domain Lists, Supply Partners, Supply Groups, and Demand Partners, users now have multi-checks, allowing multiple tags to be associated at once.

Number of domains in Domain lists: Under Settings à Domain Lists, you can see the number of domains on each domain list.

Bug fixes:

Sort by Active/Inactive on Tags: On the “Supply” Tab and the “Demand” Tab, tags are now sortable by their active status.

Units added to rate columns: On the “Supply” Tab and the “Demand” Tab, the rate column shows a ‘$’ with two decimals for CPM rates and ‘%’ for revenue shares.

Faster Reporting: After a restructuring of our reporting databases, reporting queries run very fast, especially for non-domain reports. We are currently creating the ability to download larger domain reports.

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