SpringServe Syndication Network

Operating a Syndicated Network

From my experience, running a syndicated business is high risk and high reward when you have the formulas right.  To scale your business and to make smart business decisions you need data. Traditionally, to run a syndicated business, you have to rely on multiple platforms and get data from each of those platforms to get the big picture.  Not to mention each platform (Liverail, One by AOL, SpotX, etc) has / had their own pros and cons when it comes to reporting and ad serving capabilities. The beauty of SpringServe is that it takes the best of each of the existing platforms and becomes a central one stop shop for ad operators.

What does this mean for a syndicated business model?  You now have the freedom to traffic any and all demand tags into one server, have unprecedented control over the waterfall and all aspects of optimizing, and have real time by-minute reporting on player ad starts, ad start ratios, response times, and VPAID windows. Having the ability to track cost and revenue on a single platform along with all these optimization tools is revolutionary.

Jason Kim

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