Scheduled Reports, Suggested Macros, and More

In our latest release, we discuss suggested macros on your demand tags, scheduled reports and additional traffic quality metrics, domain list duplication, and updates to the SpringServe API. Feature Additions Scheduled Reports SpringServe now allows you to schedule a report to be emailed to registered SpringServe users. You may have a report that you like[…]

Quality Targeting and More

In our latest release, we discuss controls over buying flagged supply, weekly reporting, and domain list UI updates. Feature Additions Quality Targeting In the past, we have disallowed supply that has been flagged for poor tag health from being sold into the DirectConnect ecosystem. If a supply tag was flagged, then it would not sell[…]

Timeout Distributions and Reporting Improvements

In the most recent release, SpringServe has improvements in reporting, tag creation, and domain lists. The big news is our newest feature: the addition of Demand Tag timeout distributions. Feature Additions: Demand Tag Timeout Distributions If you are concerned about latency, you can set a timeout on your demand tags. The number of timeouts and[…]