New Dashboards & OM Updates

Supply and Demand Dashboards, Open Market updates, and more. Feature Additions Supply and Demand Dashboards On the Account Activity page, you can now see an overview of supply or demand activity in your SpringServe account. Supply Dashboard Selecting Supply from the pillbox at the top of the page will show important statistics in the tiles[…]

Scaring Up Improvements in SpringServe

Let’s talk SpringServeU, new demand through Programmatic Connect, exclusionary and conditional reporting, targeting updates, and UX improvements. Alerts New Login Page SpringServe has a redesigned login page! Now when you go to log in to SpringServe, you’ll see helpful links to the SpringServe website, Documentation, and Contact form, as well as latest news from SpringServe[…]

Sugar Highs with SpringServe

In our latest release we discuss expanded reporting for domain by geo, and additional sizes. We also discuss new KPI targeting metrics, macro additions, and UX improvements. Core Improvements Domain by Geo Reporting By popular request, we have released Domain by Geo reporting. Geographical regions are broken out into the following: United States (US) Canada[…]

Hallo von SpringServe

In our latest release, we discuss IVT options on Demand Tags, secure targeting, improved support for VAST only tags, client access to scheduled reports, selectable metrics in reporting, and Supply Tag environments. Feature Additions IVT Filtering and Detection Options Pre-Bid Filtering & Post-Imp Detection on Demand Tags Pre-bid IVT filtering can now be enabled on[…]

Summer SpringServe Updates

In our latest release, we have added detected domains and missed opportunities to reporting, and increased granularity for geo-targeting for your demand tags. We have also added a VAST Tag Tester that can assist in troubleshooting. Feature Additions Updated Geo Targeting for Demand Tags SpringServe has expanded its targeting capabilities on the demand tag level. In[…]

MOAT Integration, JS VPAID Beta, and More

In the most recent release, SpringServe integrates MOAT quality data into the UI, releases JS VPAID, improves demand tag request capping, and offers numerous improvements to Supply Tag reporting and tag export. Reporting Additions and Improvements MOAT Quality Report Center We want the traffic flowing through SpringServe to be clean an monetizable, so we have[…]

Timeout Distributions and Reporting Improvements

In the most recent release, SpringServe has improvements in reporting, tag creation, and domain lists. The big news is our newest feature: the addition of Demand Tag timeout distributions. Feature Additions: Demand Tag Timeout Distributions If you are concerned about latency, you can set a timeout on your demand tags. The number of timeouts and[…]