Tiered Waterfalls & Direct MP4 Support

We have made two big additions to SpringServe today: tiered waterfalls and demand tag video file uploads for all accounts. We have also debugged a synching issue with Moat data.

Core Improvements

Tiered Waterfalls

One of the most requested features in SpringServe has been an option to lock demand tags in place in the waterfall. You may have premium demand that you want to keep at the top of the waterfall, but optimization moves it down in priority. Tiered waterfalls allow you to lock groups of demand tags in place in the waterfall, while still being able to run optimization.

In the Demand Tags tab of a supply tag, you will now see a toggle for Waterfall Type.

The default setting for Waterfall Type is ‘Flat’. In a Flat waterfall, you are unable to lock any of your demand tags, and it is the standard that you are used to seeing in SpringServe.


When you toggle to Tiered, you will see a new column for Tier in the demand tag waterfall. Like priorities, SpringServe goes through Tier 1 tags first, Tier 2 tags second, and so on. The maximum number of Tiers in a waterfall is 5; however, there is no limit to the number of demand tags within a tier. Note that we recommend that your waterfall be 3 to 8 tags long. It is often difficult to see what is happening when you have a long waterfall.

When you assign your demand tags to their tiers, they will automatically be grouped with other tags in the same tier. Tags within each tier can be prioritized in the standard way, with priority 1 being first, and tags on the same priority will be called in a round-robin fashion.


When optimization runs in a tiered waterfall, it will reprioritize tags within each tier, but will not move the tiers. In this way, you can guarantee that your premium demand remains at the top of the waterfall, and even ensure that a tag stays at the bottom of the waterfall, in the case of a passback tag.

You will receive an error if you try to save a supply tag with more than 5 tiers in its waterfall.

Demand Tag Video File Uploads

SpringServe now supports the ability to directly upload video files to demand tags for all accounts. Previously, SpringServe only supported the ability to input a third-party tag as demand. This feature is useful if you have direct advertisers.

Select ‘Direct MP4’ as your demand type and an icon will appear that you can click to upload your video file.

Direct MP4 Demand

Once the file has been uploaded, you can associate the demand tag to any of your supply tags, regardless of their VPAID setting.

This feature is free to test for the next 30 days. If you are interested in continued usage after this period, please contact Grant.

Bug Fixes

There was a bug in synching with Moat data from June 28 to July 5. Quality data from June 28 to July 4 is now available in the SpringServe UI. Quality Report emails will resume on July 6.

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