Video Ad Server

A real-time video ad server engineered for optimization

Direct Connect

Tagless transactions with other SpringServe partners

Actionable Analytics

Automatic integration with the industry’s top third-party verification platforms

About SpringServe

SpringServe is truly ad serving as it was meant to be

SpringServe was founded to provide a suite of ad serving tools that make digital advertising more efficient. We have designed our products to operate as openly as possible, and to work within the digital advertising ecosystem in a friction-free manner. Customization is at the heart of effective ad serving, and our tools are engineered to adapt to your business environment. With real-time reporting, white box optimization, a blazing-fast user interface, SpringServe is truly ad serving as it was meant to be.


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Joseph Hirsch
Chief Executive Office
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Hagan Major
President & Chief Operating Officer
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Matt Dearborn
Chief Product Officer
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Dave Himrod
Chief Technology Officer
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Edward Shannon
Chief Revenue Officer
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Richard Lin
Chief Financial Officer
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Ryan Kingsmith
Director, Client Services
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Manager, Finance & Accounting
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Kat Mareck
Implementation Specialist
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Grant Notvedt
Senior Director, Video
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Jason Pedrick
Sr. Vice President, Publishing
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Danielle Rosen
Platform Manager
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Business Development Director, EMEA & APAC

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