VIZIO Leverages SpringServe Tiles to Enhance Content Discovery and User Experiences on the Home Screen

SpringServe Tiles will bring sophistication, intelligence, and control to the management of content on the home screen.

Q&A: How SXSW Used SpringServe’s Inventory Router to Curate Ad Delivery
As premier content platforms expand to OTT environments, media planners are seeking better ways to streamline ad delivery while maintaining quality control.
SpringServe Unveils BidLink, Advanced Decisioning for CTV and OTT

Publishers leveraging BidLink can better control logic and other advertising and business rules, such as competitive separation, to maximize yield and ensure campaign success across execution types.

Bespoke Solutions For The Entire Video Ecosystem

As a video-first ad server, the SpringServe platform is capable of supporting the full range of businesses.

Broadcasters & OTT


DSPs & Trade Desks

In-App Developers




Committed to providing a brand-safe, fully-transparent environment.

Pod & VMAP Management

Next generation features for OTT & CTV environments.
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Yield Management

Manage your video advertisements with total control.
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Video Header Bidding

Meet Broadfall — our proprietary unified auction system.
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Direct Connect

Buy and sell ads through proprietary and open marketplaces.
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Actionable Analytics

Real-time analytics for active advertising business managers.
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Brand Safety & Transparency

Ensuring a clean, safe environment for marketers.
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Inventory Router

Precision routing and A/B testing for your inventory.
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