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Technical Support Analyst – New York, NY

About the role:

As a Technical Support Analyst you will have the opportunity to interface customers, develop technical skills and acquire industry knowledge of video advertising.

On a daily basis there will be a wide range of challenging problems submitted by clients. It will be your responsibility to troubleshoot these issues to find a solution, or to work with our development and product teams to escalate bugs and top client pain points. Through this process, you will dig deep into ad serving code to find the root cause of a bug, or write a python script to automate some ad operations work, all to elevate the client experience in SpringServe.

This position is a great training ground to further a career in customer success, or grow into a data analytics, engineering or product role.


  • Answer client questions/issues in timely manner with informative/educational answers that will help their business succeed on our platform.
  • Troubleshoot bugs in our platform, find the root cause, and interface with engineering teams to resolve.
  • Familiarize with our API and help with any related issues/updates. Maintain API docs.
  • Run SQL queries against our database and analyze the datasets using pandas and excel. 
  • Communicate biggest client pain points to the product team, and work with them for a resolution.
  • Write Python scripts to automate tasks.

Required Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Strong listening and problem-solving skills
  • Interest in learning and reverse engineering the inner workings of a technical system
  • Outstanding communication skills to both interact with clients and relay product requests
  • Basic programming skills and willingness to learn. Python preferred.
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