DC Demand Notifications

In our most recent release, we discuss DirectConnect Demand notifications and improvements to the API and UI. Core Improvements  Connected Demand Notifications When a DC partner creates Connected Supply in their account, it automatically appears in your SpringServe account as Connected Demand. We have released a new series of notifications showing that you have new[…]

Warm Winter Wishes from SpringServe: DirectConnect

In our latest release, we discuss DirectConnect – a way to taglessly transact with your SpringServe partners, as well as usability improvements. Feature Additions: DirectConnect DirectConnect Beta has been released in the SpringServe platform. With this feature, you can taglessly interact with other SpringServe partners. DirectConnect only requires a single VPAID to initialize, cutting latency[…]

Seasons Greetings from SpringServe: Brand Safety

Core Improvements Expanded IVT Protection SpringServe has partnered with the premier verification service in the industry for improved brand safety optimizations. On your Supply Tags, you have two options for additional verification: Pre-Bid IVT Blocking and Post-Imp IVT detection. Post-Imp IVT Detection When you enable Post-Imp IVT detection, analysis is conducted after the impression occurs[…]

Tag Health

Feature Additions Tag Health In our continual effort to keep traffic on SpringServe clean, we are introducing Tag Health. This feature alerts you when your tags have been flagged as high percentage sophisticated invalid traffic, or SIVT. Tag Health is based on a combination of internal and third-party verification vendor metrics. The tags that are listed[…]

Tricks ‘n Treats from SpringServe

Feature Additions Budgeting Improvements In the targeting tab of Demand tag, you will now find Frequency Capping. Select the time period (Minute, Hour, Day) and a box will appear allowing you to select impression or request caps and enter the impressions or requests per user. In the screenshot above, the frequency cap is 2 impressions[…]

Back in Session With SpringServe: Optimization Defaults, Impression Pixels, and UI Improvements

In our latest release, we announce changes to our default optimization parameters. We also have added the ability to add a Impression Tracking Pixel to your demand tags, as well as add notes to your tags. We have added improvements to the Account Activity dashboard, and to your Supply and Demand Tag, Partner, and Group[…]

SpringServing in the Summer Heat

Over the last several weeks we have released a number of UI improvements to help you keep track of performance as well as back end improvements to decrease latency in the platform. Feature Additions Budgeting Now in addition to setting daily impression and request caps for your demand tags, you can set lifetime impression caps[…]

Tiered Waterfalls & Direct MP4 Support

We have made two big additions to SpringServe today: tiered waterfalls and demand tag video file uploads for all accounts. We have also debugged a synching issue with Moat data. Core Improvements Tiered Waterfalls One of the most requested features in SpringServe has been an option to lock demand tags in place in the waterfall. You[…]