Demand Partner Targeting

In this release, we discuss Demand Partner Targeting and UI Improvements to the DirectConnections page.

Core Improvements

Demand Partner Targeting

Domain Targeting, Budgeting, and Frequency Capping can now be set on the Demand Partner level. If your partner has a global black list, you can implement it here. You can also apply budgeting, flight dates, and an impression or request frequency cap for a minute, hour, or day period.

Requests must meet targeting on both the partner and tag level in order to be passed to the Demand Tag.

For example, if the demand partner has a black list and a demand tag has a white list, the tag will only be called if the domain passes on the partner level (not on the partner’s black list) and the tag level (on the tag’s white list).

UI Improvements

We have added quickstats to the DirectConnect page, so you can more easily manage your DirectConnect activity.

Clicking on the number in the Connected Demand or Supply column will take you to the quickstats page for your Direct Connect activity for a particular partner. From here you can dig into optimizing your Connected Supply or Demand. This is the same page that you can access by navigating to Supply/Demand –> Direct Connect tab –> Direct Connection Name.

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