Buy or Sell Video Ads Taglessly

Whether through programmatic channels or with our patent-pending
DirectConnect® technology, SpringServe allows you to buy or sell
video advertising in a transparent, brand-safe environment.

DirectConnect: Taglessly Transact With Other Platform Members

With DirectConnect, you’re in total control over your video advertising supply and demand. Communicate, negotiate rates, and manage billing directly with other members or have SpringServe clear for you.

Whether for a one-off deal, or a continuing business relationship, DirectConnect allows both the buyer and seller total flexibility on targeting, terms, and ad quality.

Programmatic Connect

For more traditional marketplace transactions, SpringServe offers Programmatic Connect. With PC, you can:

  • Auction your inventory through Springserve’s server side connections to SSPs, DSPs, and trading desks with no tech tax.
  • Create deal ids and package inventory to buyers. Access SpringServe sourced deal ids for your inventory
  • Control pricing per buyer, create rules, and block categories or specific advertiser for competitive exclusions
  • Choose the priority of open market programatic and deal ids against direct sales or create unified auctions
To see how Direct Connect can work for your business…