Inventory Router

The SpringServe Router Powers Inventory Splits,
Custom Ad Experiences, A/B Testing and More

Weighted Inventory Allocation:

Control your inventory with precision. Manage what percentage of your inventory is kept vs. sent to a distribution partner or platform. Perfect for OTT content creators, OTT infrastructure providers, VMVPDs, channel operators, and broadcasters. Quickly set and manage percent allocations, and take advantage of SpringServe’s real-time reporting to view your inventory holistically. Enable rights holders to send inventory to different partners based on the show, owner or producer. 

Custom Ad Experiences

Whether you are looking to balance monetization and user experience, or manage complex operational or billing requirements, SpringServe’s router offers a powerful new way to manage your business needs in unique ways no other platform offers. Show your largest content consumers more ad minutes per hour, and new users fewer ad minutes. Control custom ad experiences by channel, show, time of day, and much more. Manage unique demand stacks by geo. Regardless of your needs, SpringServe’s router can be used for any targeting requirement: user segment, channel, show, key values, time of day, geo, and much more. With SpringServe’s router, you will enjoy a level of control over your inventory like never before.

Balanced A/B Testing

Fine tune your ideal monetization strategy: with SpringServe’s router, you can set up and manage A/B tests that evenly distribute requests to any number of demand stacks. Test tiered demand stacks against a unified auction; try out different optimization and price floor strategies; evaluate performance changes for new demand partners against your existing demand stack; the options are limitless. Testing has never been easier: you can quickly turn testing on and off, swap out old tests, add new tests, and much more, all while maintaining relevant data for further analysis. SpringServe’s router provides the tools to easily fine tune the best demand setup for your video supply.

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