Next Generation Ad Pod & VMAP Management

SpringServe’s next generation over-the-top (OTT) ad serving features provide
publishers with a feature set of tools to managing every part of their video
business across all devices.

Ad Pods

Ad pod management has never been easier with SpringServe. With SpringServe, publishers can painlessly manage ad break rules, and leverage SpringServe’s unique approach for yield management that will both satisfy existing business logic and maximize revenue.

Ad Schedule Management

Managing ad schedules has traditionally been a headache. SpringServe’s ad schedule management sets out to address that headache. With SpringServe, publishers can quickly set up and manage full ad schedules. Our optimization logic and real-time reporting provide complete transparency about ad decisioning logic, providing the ability to quickly make on-the-fly decisions.

Server-side ad stitching and dynamic ad insertion

Easily integrate SpringServe with any number of our stitching and dynamic ad insertion partner platforms.

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