Scaring Up Improvements in SpringServe

Let’s talk SpringServeU, new demand through Programmatic Connect, exclusionary and conditional reporting, targeting updates, and UX improvements.


New Login Page

SpringServe has a redesigned login page! Now when you go to log in to SpringServe, you’ll see helpful links to the SpringServe website, Documentation, and Contact form, as well as latest news from SpringServe release notes and press releases. Go to to see it for yourself!

SpringServe University

We are proud to introduce SpringServeU in our Wiki. SpringServeU is where you could learn about SpringServe products and features through videos and tutorials. We already have some exciting videos about ProgrammaticConnect, KPI Targeting & Real-time Viewability, as well as VAST error codes and Troubleshooting. Check back frequently to stay educated on what SpringServe has to offer!


We have recently onboarded many new demand sources directly into the SpringServe. You can connect these buyers to your valued supply via Programmatic Connect. In order to make these connections successful, update the ads.txt files for you and your partners to include the following lines:, [YOUR ACCOUNT ID], DIRECT, a24eb641fc82e93d, 4969, RESELLER, e2541279e8e2ca4d, 26282, RESELLER, 157310, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace, 2968119028, RESELLER, a670c89d4a324e47, 239904, RESELLER, 7842df1d2fe2db34, 239904, RESELLER, 7842df1d2fe2db34

Make sure to replace [YOUR ACCOUNT ID] with the number in the lower right hand corner of the screen. For example, CrushTownUSA’s Account ID is 17.

Your account manager will be able to connect these partners and ensure your domains are whitelisted. For any and all questions and requests, please reach out to

Reporting Improvements

Exclusionary and Conditional Reporting

The SpringServe reporting UI is now more powerful and offers you even more flexibility. You now have the ability to use filters to exclude objects, and set conditions on metrics.

In the filters section of the Create Reports page, you can now toggle between include and exclude for a given filter. If you select exclude, the report will exclude data for the specified object. In the example below, the report will return metrics for the supply partner Crushtown USA, but exclude domains that contain “msn”.

In the conditions section, you can specify various conditions for the report. For a selected metric, you can specify a value and whether you want to return rows that are greater than or less than that value. The example below will return a report where requests > 1,000,000, request fill > 1%, and MOAT viewability > 10%.

Feature Additions

Targeting Updates

Canadian provinces can now be targeted on your demand tags in SpringServe. In the States/Provinces List dropdown, you can select from US states and Canadian Provinces; these are grouped by country

KPI targeting is now available on demand tags as well as campaigns. If you had been creating campaigns for individual demand tags in order to apply KPI targeting, this addition will simplify your workflow.

UI/UX Improvements

Header Bidding Default Tier

Header Bidding demand is added to waterfalls in the first look tier by default. If you would like to change Header Bidding tags to be added at their demand partner’s default tier to managed supply, you can now specify this in the settings tab of a demand partner. Note that adding Header Bidding demand to a waterfall will enable broadcast for its default tier.

Forensiq Management in the UI

With the release of Forensiq integration, we have made it easy to add this partner to your supply and demand in SpringServe. In the default settings of your account settings, you can adjust supply and demand defaults for any newly created objects.

For existing objects, you can use bulk actions to edit the post-imp IVT components By selecting Change Post-Imp IVT Settings from the bulk actions menu on the Supply Tags and Demand tabs.

Forensiq is also available as a metric in custom tag health calculation. Defining custom tag health will allow you to see at a glance which supply meets specified undesirable criteria. For example, you may want to flag supply that has high IVT rates. To catch invalid traffic across environments, you may want to set tag health to be triggered if Moat, WhiteOps, or Forensiq exceeds some IVT threshold, as pictured below.

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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