Connected TV Viewership is Skyrocketing as More Americans Begin to Work From Home

MARCH 20, 2020
SpringServe Insights

In the first week of school and office closures, American connected TV viewership is on the rise.

The outbreak of the  Coronavirus has lead to office and school closings across the country. As Americans are increasingly working from home, CTV viewership is accelerating. SpringServe platform members are seeing massive spikes in viewers across almost all content categories with the largest gainers being: News with a week-over-week increase of 52.8%, Children’s & Family Programming (39.3%), and Business & Finance (27.3%).

Outperforming Categories

(March 13-19 vs March 6-12)

News & Current Events


Children & Family


Business & Finance


Lifestyle & Outdoors


Despite league cancellations and postponements, sports channel viewership has increased as well.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that all major sporting events have been cancelled or indefinitely postponed, CTV sports channel viewership increased by 8.3% compared to the previous week.


Entertainment channels see modest increase in total viewership, but large increase in average time spent watching.

While the overall increase in viewership was nearly flat at 1.4%, the total time spent watching general entertainment increased by nearly 15%.



Perhaps in anticipation of decreased advertiser demand, CTV ad-operations and trafficking has intensified this week.

While our CTV platform members have not yet seen a material decline in advertiser demand, we have observed a 20% increase in amount of trafficking and ad-ops activity compared to previous end-of-the-quarter periods.

This was measured by total employee logins, A/B tests being set up, reporting being run and waterfalls/broadcasts modifications. This week also saw a large increase in the amount of publishers deploying new tools such as server side header bidding.

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