A Start to March Madness — Optimization and More

SpringServe Additions:

Optimization: SpringServe released its first automatic optimization algorithm!  Activate it on the ‘Optimization’ tab on the supply tag. Users can do the following:

  • Enabled/disable optimization
  • Select the metric to order their waterfall — Score, Fill Rate, Response Time
  • Set requests needed on a demand tag to be included in optimization (‘Minimum Request Threshold’).
  • Set the amount of historical data the optimization algorithm uses  (‘Lookback Minutes’).

The algorithm updates a tag’s waterfall every hour. This update can be seen in changelogs.


Syndicated Player Tracking: Allows users to track cost in SpringServe based on player cost. This is used when a client pays its publisher on player loads rather than impressions.

To use, select your supply Tag ‘tag type’ as syndicated, and then check the box for tracking cost based on player starts. Then export the player tracking pixel, with any appropriate macros, to your player on the publisher’s page.

In reporting, cost will be based on player starts. Ad Starts and Ad Start Ratio are also in the ‘Full’ Reporting view.



Quickstats: On the waterfall page, there are now overall stats for the Supply/Demand Tag. These stats are for the time range that are selected

UI Optimization: Several speed improvements were made. The waterfall page now renders instantly on supply tags and demand tags. When toggling date ranges, the data updates instantly as well. Previously it took ~ 5 seconds to load.

Reporting Additions:

There are several new fields that are added to reporting.

VPAID Window: This is the average amount of time in seconds that the VPAID unit was open (i.e. the average amount of time you have to serve an ad).

Response Time: Response Time is on average the amount of time it takes for a demand tag to return an ad.

Timeouts: This is the number of times that our VPAID timed out a demand tag for not serving an impression. Currently the timeout is 20 seconds, and soon customizable timeouts will be available in the UI.

The fields above are available on tag association pages as well.

Player Starts: The amount of times the player loaded.  (Tracked from the Syndicated Player Tracking Pixel)

Ad Start Ratio: The ratio of impressions to player starts.


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