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Tag Health

In our continual effort to keep traffic on SpringServe clean, we are introducing Tag Health. This feature alerts you when your tags have been flagged as high percentage sophisticated invalid traffic, or SIVT. Tag Health is based on a combination of internal and third-party verification vendor metrics. The tags that are listed in your daily quality email will now be denoted in the UI.

When your tag has been flagged for SIVT, a red flag will appear in the Tag Health column on the Supply Tag page in your SpringServe UI.


Tag Health is also shown in the quickstats for a Supply Tag.


In cases when a supply tag has been flagged, you run the risk of seeing discrepancies with demand that is buying this inventory. It is imperative to talk to your Supply Partner as soon as possible to discover the source of the SIVT. We are unable to provide you with more detailed data behind why the tag was flagged – obfuscating detection methods prevents the generators of SIVT from adjusting their practices to evade detection. While it is tempting to try to optimize against this invalid traffic, you should note that these tags have been flagged because of the extremely high rate of SIVT that has been detected, and optimizing against it would significantly reduce the traffic volume.

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