Tracking Changes On Early Spring Days

Springserve Updates:

Changelog: Changelog displays all changes made to Supply Tags, Demand Tags, and Account Settings. You can see what changed, when the change was made, and which user made it. This is available in ‘Settings’ > ‘Changelogs’, or on the ‘Changelog’ tab on the Supply Tag and Demand Tag.

Chagelog picture

Time Range Toggle for Waterfall Stats: There date range toggle on the waterfall view on a Supply Tag, allowing you to look at different ranges of data when ordering a waterfall.  You can select ‘Today’, ‘Yesterday’, ‘Last 7 Days’.


Unclassified Domains Change: If a domain gets more than one impression, it will no longer be bucketed into the ‘unclassified’ group. This way, you can always see the domains that are filling.


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