Video Header Bidding Re-imagined

Broadfall® — SpringServe’s patent-pending technology — is the original header
bidding solution for video. With ridiculously-easy implementation and a
measurable lift in CPMs, it’s easy to see how this has changed the game.

The Solution For Your Business

It’s no secret that display header bidding changed the game. With the growth in video advertising, it was only a matter of time until video header bidding came into play. Between page load time, different video player technologies, the lack of headers, and opt outs, however, the technical obstacles facing video header bidding were significantly more complex than with display.SpringServe changed that.

With SpringServe’s patent-pending video header bidding technology, publishers can easily manage header bidding partners within our platform. Set floors, control optimization and auction logic, and create rules quickly and easily, without the complicated ad ops set-ups and with zero code on page.

Solving the Real Problems in Video Header Bidding

Reduce Page Load Time

One of the major problems with traditional header bidding is the heavy load times, which is terrible for user experience and monetization alike. Broadfall’s unique approach reduces browser load time.

Control Optimization Logic

With legacy “walled-garden” header bidding solutions, publishers cede control to their SSP or ad server. SpringServe leaves users in total control over the optimization logic of their advertising partners.

Easy Deployment

One of the large obstacles many publishers face when it comes to deploying header bidding is the complexity. SpringServe has simplified the process allowing for a quick, developer-free roll-out.

Ready to see how Broadfall can benefit your business?